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We Have a Winner!

We had over 50 answers and many questions about this car. We had 3 correct submissions and will be awarding a free one year membership to the Brattleboro Historical Society to each of the winners. They are:
William Sullivan –
Chief Engineer at JVC Broadcasting of South Florida
He studied at Vermont Technical College
Went to Brattleboro Union High School
Lives in Apopka, Florida

Doug Bassett –
BUHS Graduate class of 1991
Produce Associate at Hannaford’s and Package Handler at UPS
Formerly at: 96.7 WTSA FM and Iconic Rock 92.7

Steve Letourneau –
BUHS Class of 1988
New Hampshire Department of Corrections
Lives in Berlin, New Hampshire

About the car – It is a Ford Model N Runabout made in 1906. It belonged to Brattleboro’s John Ryder. Fred Adams, using a Kodak camera, placed his 1 year old son, Lyman, and Lyman’s friend, 2 year old Howard Rice, and took this photograph in October. The car had a 15 horse power, 4 cylinder engine and reached about 45 MPH. This Model N was the best selling car in America in 1906. Ford’s Model T came out in 1908. The photograph was taken on Brattleboro’s North Street.

Howard Rice graduated from Dartmouth College in 1926 & retired as an Associate Professor from Princeton University in 1970.

Lyman Adams earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in 1928. He retired in 1967 from the American Optical where he had been Personnel Director.

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Keene Sentinel link…1436d780.html

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According to the website Fansided, Vermont’s greatest college quarterback of all time is Brattleboro’s Joe Shield. Here’s his story…


Winter in Brattleboro: It was Cold and Snowy Back in the Day, too!

Winter in Brattleboro

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Gordon Haywood Discussion of his New Book about Latchis

Gordon Haywood is speaking at the History Center, Friday evening 12/2, to discuss his new book about the Latches family and building.

At the BHS History Center on Main St.

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