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River Ice on Railroad Tracks

Connecticut River Ice on Railroad Tracks along Vernon Road. (Photo 250) B.A. Crown

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Flooding on Vernon Road

Flooding of Connecticut River due to ice jams along Vernon Road, Brattleboro. (Photo 251) B.A. Crown

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Railroad Stations, Gas Plant, Pavilion – 1917

Photo of Connecticut River showing Brattleboro and Island park, including the bridge, Gas Works, Island Park Pavilion, and railroads. (Photo 429) BAC

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Connecticut River looking South from Wantastiquet Mountain

Connecticut River looking south from Wantastiquet Mountain after flooding. (Photo 437) BAC

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Putney Meadows from Route 5, North

A view of Putney Meadows along Connecticut River from Route 5, North (Photo 1707). Stone walls line the road.

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Connecticut River Bank

A view of trees along the bank of the Connecticut River near Brattleboro (Photo 443) BAC


Connecticut River

Stereo plate view of flooding and bridge damage of Connecticut River near Brattleboro train station. (Photo 112)

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Snowflake Canning Company – Vernon Road

Snowflake Canning Company on Vernon Road after a flood of the Connecticut River. (Photo 126)

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Hayes Bigelow Cruising on the Connecticut River

Hayes Bigelow, Cruising on the Connecticut River (Photo 125)

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Skaters on the Connecticut River – 1917

Skaters on the Connecticut River near Brattleboro in 1917.(Photo 129)

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Louis Allen and Company – 1916

Louis Allen is pictured with his companions near their automobile parked on a frozen Connecticut River in 1916. (Photo 130)

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Boat Races on the Connecticut River

A view from the island in the Connecticut River showing boat races under the bridge to Hinsdale, N.H. The Gas House, and Brattleboro, are in the distance.(Photo 131)

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Ferry on the Connecticut River – 1906

1906 Ferry on the Connecticut River near Brattleboro, Vermont. (Photo 132)

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