Parade On Main Street – 1917

Parade On Main Street  – 1917 (Photo 308) B.A. Crown. Shows E.E. Perry, E.E., F.W.Woolworth, Bailey Choropodist, and  Quonekticut Tribe # 2

Main Street Parade – after WW I

Main Street Parade – after WW I.  (Photo 310) B.A. Crown.

Shows Elbert Simons. F.W. Woolworth. Huntress  Adams Co. E.E. Perry.

Parade on Main Street – after WW I

Parade on Main Street after WWI.  E.E. Perry. F.W. Woolworth, Bailey Chiropodist, Huntress-Adams Company. (Photo 309) B.A. Crown

Masonic Temple

Masonic Temple on Main Street in Brattleboro. (Photo 1820)

Town Hall Entrance – 1917

Brattleboro Town Hall Entrance – 1917. Sign reads “Nothing But The Truth” (Photo 39)

Hotel Brooks

Hotel Brooks  on Main Street in Brattleboro. (Photo 431)

Main Street Looking South, c. 1918

Main Street, Brattleboro, looking south, c. 1918. Shows horse and buggies, trolley tracks, Howe Photography, G.F. Barber, dentist; Brattleboro Savings Bank, George M. Clay, photographer; Peoples National Bank, Vermont natuional Bank, Shorey’s Studios, Fenton’s. (Photo 226) B.A. Crown

Main Street Looking North c 1919

Main Street looking north c 1919. Shows Brooks House, trolley tracks, automobiles, motorcycle, and more. (Photo 227) B.A. Crown_Main Street_Brooks House_Architecture_Street Lights_Trolley Tracks_Automobiles_Motorcycles_Porches_

Main Street Looking North

Main Street looking north. Shows G.F. Barber, dentist; Brattleboro Drug Co.; Fenton’s; Adam’s Co.; Shorey Studios; Vermont National Bank; Provident Life & Trust; Adams Co; trolley tracks and more. (Photo 229) B.A. Crown