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PVT Fred CH Frappiea Jr.

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On Saturday, November 21, Brattleboro’s American Legion Post 5 will honor local soldiers killed in action during the Vietnam War.

A ceremony, at the post home on Linden Street, will include students from Brattleboro Union High School reading the names and a brief biography of each of the 11 men, followed by a brief address by Dr. Robert Tortolani, a combat battalion surgeon during the Vietnam War.

The soldier biographies, along with family photos, will be posted on the Brattleboro Historical Society website, in succession, in the days leading up to the November 21 event.

Today we remember Fred CH Frappiea Jr.

PVT Fred CH Frappiea Jr.: American Legion Post 5 Tribute 2015

December 5, 1947 – March 22, 1968

Fred C.H. Frappiea, Jr. was born in Bellows Falls, to Fred Frappiea, Sr. and Lana Frappiea. His siblings were his brothers James Seymour and Joseph Frappiea and his sister Connie Frappiea. Fred’s aunt Barbara Ann Frappiea resides in Bellows Falls.

Fred attended Bellow Falls Union High School and lived in Saxtons River. He worked hard, loved cars and was very popular in the community . He had a kind word for everyone and a ready hand to help one in need.

Fred enlisted in the army in 1967 and trained at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He celebrated Thanksgiving 1967 with his family in Saxton’s River. Shortly thereafter he was deployed to Vietnam.

Fred served as a rifleman in the Tua Thien Province and was fully engaged with the enemy during the “Tet Offensive” in 1968.

Fred died of wounds received in battle on March 22, 1968.