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Norman F. Cabot with Grandson

Portrait of  Norman F. Cabot with grandson in a sailor suit. (Photo 1792) MRC

Judge Charles Royall Tyler Residence – Corner Terrace and Tyler Streets

Judge Royall Tyler residence in Brattleboro, corner of Terrace Street and Tyler Street.(Photo 105)

Connecticut River

Stereo plate view of flooding and bridge damage of Connecticut River near Brattleboro train station. (Photo 112)

Old Shoe Peg Factory

Shoe Peg Factory in Centerville in Brattleboro along Whetstone Brook. (Photo 114)

Main Street Looking North

Stereo plate view of Main Street in Brattleboro, looking north. Centre Congregational Church is in the distance. (Photo 111)

Miss Tyler’s School – Corner Putney Road and Park Place

Miss Tyler’s School in Brattleboro at the corner of Putney Road and Park Place. (Photo 107)

Terrace Street from Putney Road

Terrace Street view from Putney Road in Brattleboro. (Photo 108)

Old Tannery near Centerville

Tannery near Centerville along Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro. (Photo 113)

Whetstone Brook

Stereo plate view of the Brattleboro Melodeon Company along the Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro. (Photo 110)

Brooks House

Brooks House Hotel stereo plate view from east side of Main Street near Elliot Street in Brattleboro. Crosby block and First Baptist church in view. (Photo 109)

Stable Fire rear of Hotel Brooks

Photo showing stable fire at rear of Brooks House Hotel in Brattleboro. C.E. Stockwell stable. (Photo 116)

Drinking Fountain on Elm Street

Elm Street drinking fountain. (Photo 115)

Horse Auction, Corner Main and Elliot Streets

Horse auction on Main Street near Elliot Street in Brattleboro. (Photo 117)

Elm Street, 1905 – (Rockwell) Commercial Building

Elm Street, 1905 – Rockwell Commercial Building in Brattleboro. (Photo 120)

Main Street, East Side Looking South

Main Street, east side looking south, in Brattleboro. (Photo 118)

Theodore Roosevelt, Main Street – 1902

Theodore Roosevelt visits Brattleboro in a horse drawn carriage on Main Street in 1902. (Photo 121)

Dewitt Grocery, Flat Street – 1906

Dewitt Grocery on Flat Street in Brattleboro – 1906 (Photo 122)

Eugene Ferriter at Railroad Crossing – 1918

Eugene Ferriter at the railroad crossing in Brattleboro, Vermont in 1918. (Photo 123) Railroads_Personalities, Brattleboro_

Railroad Round House on Vernon Road

Railroad round house near Vernon Road and Brattleboro. (Photo 124)

Snowflake Canning Company – Vernon Road

Snowflake Canning Company on Vernon Road after a flood of the Connecticut River. (Photo 126)

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