Revere House

Revere House hotel on Main Street (Photo 75)

Main Street Looking South

Photo of an old view of Main Street looking south. H. Arms & Sons and buggies in view. (Photo 228) B.A. Crown

Chase’s Stage House

A photo of a drawing of Chase’s Stage House in Brattleboro. (Photo 231) B.A. Crown_

Main Street, East Side

A view of the east side of Main Street in Brattleboro, showing F. W. Woolworth, E. F. Perry, Bradley Farm milk wagon pulled by a horse. (Photo 236) B.A. Crown

Morris & Gregg Store Fire – 1902

Morris &  Gregg Store Fire – 1902 showing horse and ladders in downtown Brattleboro on Main Street. (Photo 421) Clapp & Jones, C. F. Thompson.

Gentleman in Surrey

Brattleboro Gentleman in Surrey with horse. (Photo 1777) MRC