Eugene Ferriter – 1919

Eugene Ferriter at railroad signal in Brattleboro.  – 1919 (Photo 198)

Construction of Railroad Track

Construction of Railroad Track along Connecticut River. Shows steam locomotives at work. (Photo 861) BAC

Railroad Track Construction

Steam locomotive and freight cars working on railroad track construction. (Photo 864) BAC

Construction Site

Construction Site along railroad tracks near Brattleboro. Power shovel and conveyer belt. Holbrook, Cabot & Rolling. (Photo 869) BAC

Railroad Bridge over the Whetstone Brook

Steam locomotive crossing Railroad Bridge over the Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro. Crosby building, Wantastiquet in distance.  (Photo 244) B.A. Crown

Second Railroad Station

Brattleboro’s Second Railroad Station. Shows rail yard, Vernon Road, Gas Works, Mt. Wantastiquet, and Connecticut River. (Photo 245) B.A. Crown

Rear of Swift & Company

Rear of Swift & Company at Brattleboro rail yard. Currently known as the Archery Building. (Photo 247) B.A. Crown