Connecticut River

Stereo plate view of flooding and bridge damage of Connecticut River near Brattleboro train station. (Photo 112)

Main Street Looking North

Stereo plate view of Main Street in Brattleboro, looking north. Centre Congregational Church is in the distance. (Photo 111)

Whetstone Brook

Stereo plate view of the Brattleboro Melodeon Company along the Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro. (Photo 110)

Brooks House

Brooks House Hotel stereo plate view from east side of Main Street near Elliot Street in Brattleboro. Crosby block and First Baptist church in view. (Photo 109)

Whetstone Brook Winter View

Whetstone Brook Winter View from a stereo plate. Frozen waterfall near Main Street. (Photo 134)

Freshet of 1869

Stereo plate view of the Freshet of 1869 in Brattleboro, Vermont. Shows flooding of Whetstone Brook and bridge damage. (Photo 135)