Main Street looking South

A view of Main Street in Brattleboro looking south. In view are the Main Street clock, trolley tracks, automobiles, and the Brooks House hotel porch. (Photo 235) B.A. Crown

Main Street, East Side

A view of the east side of Main Street in Brattleboro, showing F. W. Woolworth, E. F. Perry, Bradley Farm milk wagon pulled by a horse. (Photo 236) B.A. Crown

Brooks House

Brooks House hotel in Brattleboro, view from across Main Street. Shows automobiles on Main Street and large trees. Trolley tracks are visible. (Photo 238) B.A. Crown

Main Street Looking South

A view of Brattleboro’s Main Street, looking south from a location near First Baptist Church. Shows automobiles, store fronts, trolley tracks, the Brooks House hotel, and more. (Photo 239) B.A. Crown

Gypsy Wagon

Decorated Gypsy Wagon (Photo 424)

Gentleman in Surrey

Brattleboro Gentleman in Surrey with horse. (Photo 1777) MRC

Louis Allen and Company – 1916

Louis Allen is pictured with his companions near their automobile parked on a frozen Connecticut River in 1916. (Photo 130)