Toll Bridge – 1902

Covered toll bridge over Connecticut River near Brattleboro Gas House. Shows ice flow flooding and Wantastiquet.  (Photo 427) BAC

High Street Looking East

Lower High Street in Brattleboro, looking east toward Main Street and Wantastiquet. Shows Brooks House Hotel, Western Union, automobiles, gas pumps, Hertzberg Bros. Painters, a meat market, and garages.(Photo 242) B.A. Crown

Railroad Bridge over the Whetstone Brook

Steam locomotive crossing Railroad Bridge over the Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro. Crosby building, Wantastiquet in distance.  (Photo 244) B.A. Crown

Second Railroad Station

Brattleboro’s Second Railroad Station. Shows rail yard, Vernon Road, Gas Works, Mt. Wantastiquet, and Connecticut River. (Photo 245) B.A. Crown

Retreat Meadows

A view of Retreat Meadows from Route 30 with Mt. Wantastiquet in the background. (Photo 1701)