Photo Journals

A selection of articles compiled by the Society, which appeared in a local daily newspaper, the Brattleboro Reformer.

Snow removal equipment changes over time
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In New England when people lived mostly on farms, snow removal was limited to clearing a path from the house to the barn if the two buildings were not connected by a series of sheds, as they often were. Most of the occupant’s needs were met within the confines of their house and barn. Food, firewood and silage had been stored so there was little need to travel over snowcovered roads.

Brattleboro creates all-purpose armory
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The role of a volunteer militia in Brattleboro has evolved over the years to become what is now the Vermont Army National Guard, with headquarters in Westminster. Brattleboro’s role in military affairs began at the military post known as Fort Dummer constructed in 1724.

Forest to stream: Water carried wood from place to place
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The construction of the Vernon Dam in 1909-1911 ended the log drives on the Connecticut River. Small drives continued to the north of the dam, but by 1916 the transport of logs was taken over by the railroad and eventually trucks.

Pages in time: Library history is marked by changes at Brooks Memorial
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Thinking about early experiences at the town library often conjures up memories of the librarian or the building itself. Before television, the library was the first exposure one had to the wider world. Picture books enjoyed at story time, your first solo visit to the library, your first library card and your school research project are all part of library memories.

Changing lanes: Evolution unfolds on southern Main Street
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The town is about to experience some changes at the southern end of its The Hinsdale Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic while a new bridge to the south is completed. The current bridge is the third such bridge that connected Brattleboro to neighboring New Hampshire.